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Persian Treasure is a registered brand in China by Shamaeizadeh brothers, dedicated to promote Iranian culture and cultural products, specifically Iranian elegant handicraft and art works.

Cultural Products

Persian Treasure curates a selection of high-end Iranian handmade cultural products, including Persian Carpets, Mina Enamel Working, and Qalamzani Engravings.


Persian Treasure holds several events during the year, including Nowruz (Iranian new year), Yalda (Winter Solstice), Iranian art and crafts classes for Chinese children, Iranian cuisine for Chinese families, Iran-China culture exchange theme parties, and so on.


Persian treasure’s outmost goal has been providing an authentic experience of Iran culture for Chinese audiences and customers, and the most authentic and direct experience is tourism. Although it is not possible for all, visiting Iran is a memorable and exquisite experience for every Chinese visitor who has ever traveled to Iran. Persian Treasure arranges specific Iran tours for targeted visitors, such as artists, designers and architects, handicraft masters, and other culture lovers, so that every one can gain the most benefit out of their trip to Iran.

Cultural Activities

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